“Imelda’s innate ability to put her subjects at ease due to her warm, friendly personality made us all love her straight away, but once we got the photos back, we consistently kept inviting Imelda to shoot for us. No one else can capture energy and atmosphere in such an iconic way.

When we were looking for a photographer, we explained to many people that we’d need them to be at gigs, demonstrations, studio sessions, and various other locations that made other photographers squirm.

A frontline rock n roll photographer with a heart of gold, she continues to be an absolute pleasure to work with, a very talented artist and an inspiration.”
ITCH FOX – singer/songwriter (formerly of The King Blues)

“I have worked with many photographers but never before have I chosen to go back to the same one over and over and walked away amazed with the results every time! Imelda’s work simply blew me away – nothing seems to faze her. Whatever the conditions you would never know, as the picture is simply perfect. Imelda knows how to take your fat, ugly day and make you look great!

She creates a relaxed environment within a very short space of time – she knows exactly what works and what doesn’t and how to get the best out of you. When someone is this passionate about what they do it shows in their work – and with Imelda the passion is simply bursting out of the picture. Imelda’s live photography is in a league of it’s own, I have never seen anything like it and I feel privileged to have been photographed by her and will continue to do so as long as she is available.”
SHARRON LEVY – singer/songwriter

“We have been promoting Imelda as a portrait photographer since 2010 and have had nothing but exceptionally happy clients. Imelda is both professional and personable – a winning combination for relaxing the person being photographed and capturing their very best side. ”
SARAH COSTLEY – product manager, FunRaising Events

“Working with Imelda is one of the best things that can happen to you. Professional, creative, focused, light-hearted, understanding, and patient is the mix. When you add to that awareness, passion for photography, imagination, dynamism, precision, and capturing of the moment, the result is beautiful, captivating and inspiring images you can stare at for hours. I would work with Imelda again any time.”
TINA STAMOU – co-director, TNT Dance

“Imelda made the whole experience lots of fun and at the end of the session we felt we had achieved everything we hoped for. The photos exceeded my wildest expectations. She really captured the personality of both my daughters and the relationship between them. The quality of the photos was extremely high and we could see how carefully she had chosen the backgrounds. We shall always treasure these beautiful pictures.”
HEATHER BARTON – family photo shoot commission

“I’m a terrible subject for a photo shoot – I loath having my picture taken and in the past I’ve always hated the result. But Imelda made it all so easy – I didn’t feel at all self-concsious or awkward about posing and she made the whole thing tremendous fun. And I’m absolutely chuffed to bits with the result – I can honestly say that these are the first photos of myself that I’m not embarrassed for anyone to see!”
LIZ FISHER – journalist and author

“Imelda is the ideal music and punk rock photographer; never afraid to get in the midst of the action or direct her subjects, she has an uncanny ability to anticipate that magical nanosecond moment which best captures and represents a gig or musician. Full of life and unashamedly passionate about her photography and music. Distorted Magazine is eternally indebted in having had Imelda’s contributions showcase the finest underground and iconic punk/ska bands and artists in the UK. Imelda’s work has brought a touch of class and timeless quality to it all.”
STEVE NOBLE – editor, Distorted Magazine

“As a professional dancer for more than 20 years and having performed all over the world, I’ve been photographed by many different people. But Imelda captures me better than anyone else I’ve worked with. Whether it’s posed pictures or natural ones taken on the spur of the moment, she finds the best way to convey any look, any feeling. I can trust her to get the best out of me whatever the circumstances. She’s always professional and is now my first choice whenever I need a photographer.”
IRENE MIGUEL – director, Danzalifestyle Dance Company

“What I love most about working with Imelda is that she is such a brilliant creative influence on shoots, but sensitive too – if no direction is needed she understands perfectly and seems to adapt her style to each brief. Recently, I’ve been thanked by my website designer and graphic designer for providing such fantastic photos and asked: “Who was the photographer!?”. Imelda has become someone I would always go to for any type of photo shoot. It’s very comforting to have complete confidence in the photographer when a shoot is so important to you.”
FIONA WIGHT– singer/songwriter

“Imelda loiters in dark corners and catches the fire of life in her net. She can walk into a punk show and see ghosts swirling, heads ablaze, an angry spot lit sun, a commingling of souls awaiting The Answer. Her photographs are heroic, instinctive. They breathe the dark and exhale the light. Romance and empathy will pose for Imelda.”
ARA BABAJIAN – musician, The Slackers/Leftover Crack

“We love working with Imelda, her without a camera is like the blues without the Delta …. Fun, easy, cool shots. She is also a very good dancer!!!”

“You rock!”
ANTON NEWCOMBE – Brian Jonestown Massacre