Shadows of Grace: music photography to promote new album

Shadows of Grace: music photography to promote new album

I recently took some portrait photographs of rock singer Grace Solero and her band (also called Grace Solero) for their upcoming publicity campaign.

With a new album called Hundred Years Apart to be released in September, the group were after some promotional band photography that reflected their sound and vibe.

We set up camp for the afternoon in a dark basement of a north London bar and music venue, on one of the hottest days of the year.

Grace knew exactly what she wanted and had brought along Luna, a make-up artist, stylist and friend, who has been working with her for years. The two ladies seemed to think as one and Luna was able to ratify the set ups that were going really well and nudge me if she thought any of my directions were likely to be veering away from the style Grace was seeking.

This was one of my favourite portraits from the session. The light and angle really bring out Grace’s strong but feminine essence…and there’s no mistaking that her arena is rock!

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